General’s Lechon

One morning when my wife and I were craving for lechon (Filipino Roasted Pork), I went into google to search where in Metro Manila I can find the best-tasting.

I came across a site that listed the top 10 of the Philippines.  While I was expecting the more familiar names to be on top (Lydia’s, and the more popular names I grew up with), General’s lechon was on top of the list.  I was hesitant at first, but due to proximity, we gave it a shot.


The humble establishment is located at the 2nd floor of the commercial area of the Petron Gas station at the corner of EDSA and Arnaiz, if I’m not mistaken.

It’s a small restaurant somewhere on the top-left of the image I included.

The hesitation I had before immediately vanished after the first bite.  The skin was absolutely crispy; not hard… crispy.  They served the lechon three ways, I forgot the third one, but the first two I remember are the standard flavor lechon (which is mostly pepper and salt), and the second one is garlic lechon.

We ordered the garlic-flavored lechon.


Whatever memories I had of lechon from my childhood became nothing, compared to how this establishment made theirs.

They are also not like the others that are stingy on serving the skin, which is the best part of any roasted pork.  They put in a generous amount of the crispy skin, too much that my wife and I were actually pushing the skin towards each other as we could no longer finish it.  There was just too much.20140525_113242

For two to three people, ordering half a kilo is enough, which right now should be around P450 (US$12-$13).  One kilo should be around P800 (US$20). They also serve it with a generous amount of steamed rice, as well as their own gravy, which tastes nowhere close to the usual mang tomas lechon sauce.  Their own lechon gravy hits the mark.  They also accept reservations, for parties and gatherings.


This is one lechon we won’t mind having once every weekend.  Yes, it’s that good.  Their top spot on Metro Manila’s lechon is well deserved.


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