365 Days into Fitness

So it has been a full 365 days since I started this journey to shed off the excess pounds and be able to feel lighter, move faster, stay more focused, and boost my confidence even just a little bit.  I have to admit, I had a good number of days when I just simply wanted to go back to bed, lie down, and just forget this whole thing that I started.  One thing I realized, once I began the process, and I did it consistently for at least three months, the next few days, weeks, and months were pretty much auto-pilot.  And by that, I mean, my body just naturally asked for the physical activity.  It became a habit, one that I simply could not turn my back to.  My eating habits changed and I drank more frequently.  I studied a lot, and did a lot of research, so that I could be better.  I wanted to do more.   Now that I have crossed my 365th day, I can honestly say that a lot has changed already since day one.  I can think faster and better, I had a lot of energy to use, so I didn’t tire too easily, Last year, climbing a flight of stairs already took the air out of me, but now, I’m even considering participating in a vertical run because I can do way more than the guy I used to see in the mirror.

It all started with a wake-up call last year, after finding out that my blood sugar was nearing diabetic levels.  I knew I had to make a change.  Like what I said earlier, it was taxing just to climb a flight of stairs.  I was 247 pounds and way too overweight for my height and age.  I had to do something, so that my blood test results will no longer be a concern for me, when the time comes to have another one.

The first five minutes were already hell for me.  I was that out of shape.  I fell a couple of times, and walked father than I have every walked in years.  I forced myself to walk father away from home, so that the distance going back will be just as much the distance it took to walk away.  After the first day, it was hard to believe that my legs would feel too sore just from all that walking.  But nonetheless, I forced myself out of the sofa, and walked again, the same time of the day when I walked the previous day.  Two consecutive days of walking became five, became ten, became 30 days.  I documented everything.  I took photos of myself and didn’t really notice any major change as the days went by.  Until I compared my picture from day one and day 30, and that’s when I realized that I was on to something. Something that would become my life’s goal for the next few years.  The physical difference between day one and day thirty was not that big, but significant enough to be noticed.  My legs and arms were still all sore from the walks I did for thirty days, but I had to move forward.  My body just automatically looked for the physical activity; the habit was starting to kick in, and even if I wanted to just lie down, at exactly 5pm the next day, I would be on my feet, tying my shoes, and heading straight to the door for the day’s walk.

As I progressed, and days became weeks, I felt the urge to do something more.  The daily walks were no longer working for me; in fact I felt downright bored.  So I started jogging.  That’s when I realized that my stamina was already starting to come back.  I jogged for 60 seconds straight, then walked for 60 seconds, then jogged for another 60.  This went on for about a week.  Until the next week, I started using the beats of the songs on my playlist as my steps rhythm.  The faster the song, the faster I walked; if it was really a fast song, then I’d have to jog.  At first I couldn’t even jog one stanza of a song, until after days of consistent walks and jogs, I moved to two stanzas, until I was able to finish one whole song without even stopping to take a break.  One song became two, two became four.  Before I knew it, I was already doing this thing for four months now, and I was already finishing an entire playlist.

By month four, it already became too cold to run outside the Nevada roads since fall was already upon us.  Plus, I mentioned earlier that I started to get bored with just walking, which is why I moved to jogging, until eventually started running.  But I wanted to do more.  I wanted to burn my stored fats faster.  And in one study I came across, I found that muscles burned calories and fats.  More muscles meant more calories burned, and more fats converted to energy.  Since it was too cold already to run outside, my wife and I decided to enrol at the nearest gym.  Yes, at this point, my wife had already joined my fitness journey.  She started hers about two months after I started mine.  Anyways, we enrolled at EOS Fitness Gym, a couple of blocks away from where we lived.  The habit of running outside in the evening evolved into something greater, as we pursued a better lifestyle for both of us.  What started as a daily evening walk, has now mutated into waking up at 4am, with 45 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in the morning to battle with, and stay inside the gym for two hours, doing one hour of cardio, and 1 hour of strength training.  Compounded with our daily physical activity was monitoring what we ate.  We ate more frequently, but in more controlled portions, concentrating on the fat and protein content of what we consumed.  Having a balanced meal each day was crucial for our next morning’s gym routines.  We noticed that if we didn’t eat properly, we would not have much energy the next day, and it would be a wasted day inside the gym.  We started our routines inside the gym November 5, 2016.

Today marks the first year since that fateful day when I decided to put one foot in front of the other, and just force myself out of this nasty cycle of sleep – wake up – eat – watch tv – eat – play video games – eat – sleep – repeat.  I still pretty much do the same things as my previous cycle, only this time, included in the cycle are running, strength training, and more (controlled) meals.  I’ve already shrunk from a 40” waist line back to 34”, and aiming to bring it further down to 32”.  I started this last year with my all-time heavy 247 pounds, and now I’m at 196 pounds with no intention of stopping until I hit 185.  Although I am proud to say that the 196 pounds is already a combination of built-up muscles, and reduced body fat.  The clothes that used to be body fit are now very loose, and I may even have to change my lineup of clothes altogether because everythingI have is already too big for me.

I have no intentions of stopping now.  I have yet to achieve my goal of getting my six-pack, a more toned pair of arms and legs, and a lot more.  This whole fitness journey is still evolving, constantly changing; a lot of friends and family have joined me along the way, some have fallen out, some have pushed forward, some had lots of excuses, some had the same determination (if not more) than I did.  One thins is for certain, this whole thing, there was only one key:  consistency.  Without it, I would have jumped off the wagon months ago.  There’s no point trying to convince people to do the same.  I pray that they won’t have to come to a point when they will be forced to exercise because their medical tests are already forcing them to.  I pursued this whole thing and became consistent at it, because I choose to, because I still have a choice.  I strongly believe that right now, with me doing  and continuing this,I won’t have to be in a situation where I will have to exercise because I no longer have a choice.  At least now, I can be consistent at this because I choose to be, and not because I am forced to be.


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