My Sweetie’s 10k steps journey

So it’s been about 71 days since my wife arrived here in Las Vegas after she went to Manila for work.  The night of the day she arrived, she immediately started her 10k daily steps after she saw the physical impact it had on me.  When she left for Cebu, Philippines and was away for two months, I made it a goal to surprise her when she got back with the physical transformation I would have by taking on this daily 10k steps challenge.  True enough, my goal was achieved, with the help of my family, and she was very surprised to see me when I picked her up at the airport.  According to her, I walked right past her as I went to the carousel where her luggage was to come out, and she followed me for a few minutes, unable to believe her eyes that I would be able to pull it off.  She said she was fully aware of the daily challenge I went through, and she saw the pictures I kept sending her on a daily basis, but seeing me personally was definitely a great motivator for her to also take on this challenge herself.  She arrived sometime early afternoon of September 25, and that evening, just as I did, she put on her running shoes, and went out with me to begin her journey to losing the extra luggage she had on her body which was accumulated by bad eating for several years.


Taken around July 23, 2016

As she progressed with her 10k steps challenge, we had lots of chances to talk, and got to spend time together on the road, which was also beneficial to us as we got to spend quality, and healthy time taking on the same goal.  I learned that her motivation, aside from being able to catch up to the pounds I lost after having two months of the 10k steps challenge myself, was a bit different from mine.  My source of motivation was simple:  Surprise her when she arrived, and have normal cholesterol and sugar level after three months from the crucial blood test results that I had prior to me starting this whole thing.  But on her end, she told me that there were several times that she’d go to the mall to look for clothes, and she would see a lot of pretty clothes that she’d want to buy.  However, the store didn’t have her size for that particular design.  Another point she brought up was that there were dresses that actually had her size, but once she tried them on, it didn’t look as good anymore, simply because she has already gained weight.  One more thing that stood out to me among everything she told me that pushed her to join me on my 10k daily steps was she felt bad that had to let go of clothes that she bought in the past because they no longer fit.  She felt bad not only because she no longer fit in them, but also because it was a complete waste of money to just let all of those good clothes go.


Taken September 25, 2016

The picture above was the one I took just before she even took her first step to take on the daily 10k steps challenge.  She felt awkward and didn’t even want to get the photo taken, but I had to tell her that one way of motivating herself to push further into this daily routine is for her to see the person she was, and the person she would be after 30, 60 and even 90 days.  As she went with me on my usual route, which was the lakeside around the Summerlin area, she quickly realized how out of shape she was, as she sweat tremendously, and was gasping for water just after a few minutes of brisk walking.  She said that she remembered running around the track and field area in front of the UST grandstand when she was still part of the UST Football team, and she felt disgusted that she was even having a hard time just walking around the lakeside route with me, which was approximately 5 kilometers.


Taken after one of our daily walks

She felt exhausted after day one, and I wasn’t expecting that she’d push through on the next day, as a means to recuperate her legs and just come with me again on my daily walk a couple of days after.  I was wrong.  She was even quick to put on her gear the next day, and was eager to go at it again.  Not too long after, she got the hang of counting calories, as she realized that she didn’t want to waste the huge effort she made just to complete the 10k steps each day.  She wanted to make each drop of sweat count.  She started monitoring what she ate.  However, since she was following almost the same routine I set for myself, she never felt deprived of food.  She still ate what she wanted, but in controlled portions.  The usual two cups of rice became just one cup, until eventually, it became half a cup of rice.  The usual two viands became one, or even half serving.  There would be days when she rewarded herself and eat more than her usual controlled portions, but more often than not, she was very careful not to waste all the out-of-breath efforts she made each day.

Slowly but steadily, her weight started to show improvement.  When she started this challenge on September 25, 2016, she was at 137 pounds.  Until one pound, two pounds, four pounds, she started to drop.  She aims to be at 118 pounds, and today, she’s not too far away from her goal, as she already hit 122 pounds, losing 15 pounds in 70 days of not really adding too much effort except just the additional 10,000 steps per day, which was somewhere around 40 to 45 minutes of continuous walking.  Physically, she didn’t see much of a difference, until she volunteered to have her picture taken yesterday morning, as she posed similar to how I asked her to on the day she started this whole thing.


Taken December 5, 2016

She said she didn’t see much of a difference, until we compared her day one picture side by side with the one we just took, and to her surprise and pride, the changes and results of her added steps per day have now become apparent.


Today, she’s driven more than ever to push on and keep moving one foot in front of the other.  When she began this journey 71 days ago, she only walked and could barely catch her breath, but week after week, her walks became brisk walking, which turned to short jogs, until she realized last week that she could already do 40 minutes of straight jogging without even stopping.

We were once the lazy people who just stayed in bed and watched US TV series or movies after work hours.  We still do the same stuff, we check out if our favorite TV series are already available, or watch movies or Korean shows, but just added the 10k steps, and monitored our eating habits.  We’re not as hard core (yet) as the body builders, but later on, we’ll be posting another article, one which documents our journey inside the gym, as it’s already too cold here for us to jog around the lakeside, and had no choice but to enroll ourselves at the nearest gym.








  • Laurence T. says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jorge. I’m also getting inspired. 🙂

    • Jorge says:

      No problem, Laurence! Please do keep visiting and sharing this blog so you can be updated of our progress. Others may also find some form of help or motivation from the articles I posted here, so sharing would definitely help! 🙂 Thanks!

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