Watching Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace

It’s one of my wife’s life-long dream to see in person one of her idols perform on stage.  Celine Dion has always been one of the people that she looked up to, and a constant favorite in terms of artist song selection when finding a song to sing during any karaoke session.

Just a couple of days ago, this dream of hers has finally became a reality.  She did most of the work, as my task was only to drive us from home to Caesar’s Palace, where The Colosseum was located, where we finally got to see Celine perform, and what a show it definitely was.  First off, the ticket price was no joke, because we wanted to be practical, but also make sure that we were not too far away from the stage so that we can still get to enjoy the show.  Since this would probably be the only time we’d see her before she finally signs off after performing more than 1000x on stage already at The Colosseum, we wanted to see a life-sized Celine Dion, and not just feel like we could have just bought a movie that showed her on our TV screen at home.  We were about 15 rows away from the stage, so it wasn’t too far, yet it wasn’t as expensive as the first fifteen rows.




Just to get a few things out of the way:  The show was scheduled to start at 7:30pm, but it didn’t start until a couple of minutes before 8:00pm.  We figured that we waited decades to see her in person anyway, so what’s a couple more minutes, right?  So that’s a minor setback, as we expected that for a prestigious place like Caesar’s Palace, shows would start promptly, but like I said, we were already there, paid for the tickets, might as well wait a few more minutes.  Another thing to point out was that the seating set up of The Colosseum had people somewhat blocking each other once everyone was seated.  The seats were not elevated too much that if someone sitting in front of you had a height of 6 feet, then chances are, you’d see half of the stage, and half of his or her head.  Again, a minor detail that can be readily remedied by watching the show from between the heads of the people in front of you.


Now, on to the good stuff.  Celine was definitely all-out during the performance, and considering the show we saw was her 1007th time on the same stage, it was absolutely impressive.  She was very warm yet professional, and kept everyone engaged.  The line up of songs ranged from all-time favorites like “I Surrender”, “Because You Loved Me”, and “I’m Alive”, to songs that I haven’t heard of yet, like one french song she sang, and a couple more songs that were not on the more popular playlists.  I was actually surprised that her opening song was “I Surrender” because I knew that this song was definitely not your typical wake-upper when it comes to opening acts.  However, she never disappointed.  The way she hits her usual high notes was spot on, and it’s she’s not like the usual artists where the higher notes would be painful to listen to, hers was just absolutely flawless and easy to the ears, regardless how steep the pitch started to get.  She also had a good medley of her some more favorites which included “That’s The Way It Is”.

One of her songs, which moved me the most is titled “Recovering”, which was a song given to her by Pink, during the darkest days of her grieving period.  It struck me the most because I myself am going through my own recovering from my father’s passing just six months ago.  The lyrics of the song gave me a renewed strength to carry this burden a bit lighter, and I’m so grateful that she sang this song on the night we saw her perform.

My favorite part of the show was when she sang the theme song from the movie “Titanic”, which I’m sure everyone’s familiar with.  “My Heart Will Go On” wasn’t only an audible treat, but the stage production was also dazzling.  She stood on a platform that elevated at the climax of the song, which was then covered by a chandelier of water, which fell graciously from above.  Think of the dancing fountain outside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, but this one was on stage, and surrounding Celine as she went to sing the climax of the song.  Below are two videos, the one that was professionally taken from the show, and the video I was able to take on the night we saw the show.

Celine Dion Aqua Graphic Water Curtain

For people who are thinking of visiting Las Vegas, please take the same advice that was given to us by a couple of friends not too long ago.  “You have to see any show.”  And if you must, Celine’s show would not break the bank, but the money you’ll have to save to see her perform, will definitely be worth every dollar.  Oh, and make sure you’re full before you even go to the event, as the price of the food and drinks inside can be quite hair-raising.  I mean, the bottled water I bought inside was too pricey that i’m thinking maybe it has a special formula to give me special powers when I drank it.  But other than that, the show is definitely a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

Celine enchanted everyone not only with her voice, but the way she involved everyone inside The Colosseum.  She made sure everyone were on their toes, or on the edge of their seat, as she performed favorite classics, as well as unknown songs that displayed her range and exceptionally talented set of vocal chords.  I, personally, being a music lover myself, never thought that those kinds of runs can be done by any human being without the help of a sound board or a voice enhancer, but what she did definitely changed my view of what the human body can do when you put your mind to it.  Thank you, Ms. Celine Dion, for a show well worth telling the tale.  May you continue to shine and give people not only entertainment, but a memory worth going back to.








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