My Daily Maintenance

One of the things I realized, as I progressed to my 3rd and 4th week of daily 10k steps was that it wasn’t enough that I counted my calories, and that I completed 10k steps each day.  I had to maintain myself with proper nutrition, and balancing my macro-nutrient intake versus my daily calorie counting.  What I thought was easy, and that I just had to complete 10k steps each day, turned out to be a bit more challenging, yet exciting, after all.

Challenging because it was an added task; it was tedious to monitor what I ate, and still make sure I had enough vitamins in my system to support the added everyday activity.  But more than being challenging, it was also exciting.  As I approached my 4th week of 10k daily steps, the physical changes started to manifest.  I felt lighter, I was more focused and alert, I could go distances that I never was able to tread before.  All of it because my muscles are already starting to adjust, break down, and heal better, thanks to this change in lifestyle.

To enhance my daily jog and run, I had to get as much protein as my body needed, replenish electrolytes, and other vitamins that I needed in my system, so that I could run faster, sweat more, yet make sure my body could handle it by growing muscles better.  Here are the things that I took (and still take) on a daily basis, to keep me well hydrated and maintained.

  1. Body Fortress Whey Protein
  2. Glucerna Shake (or Enlive Ensure Shake)
  3. Kroger Fiber
  4. G2 Grape (12oz)
  5. Sunsweet prune juice


Body Fortress Whey Protein


My legs ached after each run.  I sweat like a pig and I could literally squeeze my body juice out of my shirt because I was so out of shape.  But I didn’t want to give up.  I was in pain, yet I felt better.  When I did my research, I found out that I could experience less pain if my muscles grew better and faster, to compensate for the chosen activity that I had for myself.  So what I found out was that I could replenish these worn out muscles with better ones faster, if I had sufficient protein in my system.  After being inside Walgreens for almost an hour looking at protein drinks, I decided to go with Body Fortress Whey Protein because I felt it had good protein content compared to the others I’ve seen, but at the same time not too high of a calorie count.  My sister told me that most people who took this protein drink gained weight, but I still stuck to it.  True enough, after taking it a few times, I gained between half to a whole pound.  But physically, I was still getting slimmer.  I realized that the additional weight could probably be the newly-formed muscles, because I could handle the physical stress of running better, my legs felt stronger, and I could breathe easier while I was out on my run.  As I continued taking it, I could see the new muscles forming, and my legs are now able to handle my upper body weight, which was also quickly trimming down.  I would recommend this drink ONLY if you have at least one hour of physical activity.


Glucerna Shake


Breakfast, one of the things I also realized, became the heavy source of energy throughout the day.  When I had a small breakfast, I didn’t have as much energy as I would had I consumed a medium-sized one.  I didn’t want to eat too much, but I knew I still had to make sure I had sufficient calories to burn until lunch time, and not feel deprived or hungry.  One of my sisters gave me a whole box of these and somehow, it compensated for the small meal I head each morning.  It filled me up well to sustain me until the next meal that comes sometime around 11:00 am or 12:00 pm.  It also complimented my Whey Protein intake as it added 10g of protein to the the already 30g that I took with Whey just before breakfast.  The 6g of sugar didn’t help, but it was good enough to replace the usual heavy meal that I took each morning.


Kroger Fiber


Another thing I noticed, and this is purely just me, is that I didn’t go to the bathroom too much to remove the waster from the previous day’s meals.  Was I burning it too fast and converting it into nutrients and vitamins?  I’m not really sure.  One of the things I dug up during my research is that my body also needed enough fiber so that whatever came in, was also able to come out, if it wouldn’t be converted to what my body needed.  My body needed at least 35g of fiber everyday if I wanted a good and healthy digestive tract, that way I’d feel lighter during every run.  Kroger Fiber Capsules came in handy because it was good on the budget ($6.00 for 160 capsules), and it gave me just the right amount, as I took 2 capsules after every meal.  It allowed me to remove excess waste from my body regularly; I wanted to go with Nesvita, but I believe that’s been phased out already.


G2 Grape (12oz)


My sister advised against this as it still had sugar which probably defeated the purpose of my daily run.  However, I wanted something to replenish my electrolytes, and have a sense of ‘reward’ to myself after I’ve completed my 10k steps challenge.  I went with the 12oz for the 30 calories, yet it rewarded me after the morning’s or afternoon’s run.  Athletes would advise against this because of the sugar content, but this is purely me; I had to reward myself with something, and 12oz of this was just enough to hit the spot.


Sunsweet Prune Juice


This is the last drink i’ll have every day.  This goes hand in hand with the 2 capsules of fiber I take after each meal. But this one, I take a cup of this after dinner, which helps move the food around in my system, and make sure I don’t keep any food by-product in me at the end of each day.  I used to not like drinking these, but I’ve learned to adapt to its tangy-sweet taste.  I remember seeing this in our refrigerator back in the ’90s as my grandfather drank it every day, but I never really understood it until I started noticing that I wasn’t letting go of food by-product from my body that fast anymore.  So I had to compensate with this, and it did the job well, as it helped me progress from 240 pounds to around 200 pounds in a little over four months now.

Overall, I’d recommend most of what I have on the list above.  It gave a sense of reward after each hour of physical activity, yet it maintained my body with enough sustenance to make sure I was physically able to go through the same endurance task the following day.







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