Bacon-wrapped Shrimp

This recipe, though a bit tedious to prepare, doesn’t take too much time.  Wrapping the shrimp or prawn would be the most difficult, but once done, the combined taste of bacon and shrimp definitely will want you and your guests wanting more.

What you’ll need:20141128_081139
Vegetables to garnish (optional)





Step 1:
Remove the shells of the shrimp, leaving the tail attached.
I found that leaving the tail does not allow the shrimp to curl in too much once you fry it.

Step 2:20141128_081854
Take one bacon strip and wrap it around two pieces of shrimp (or if you’re using medium to jumbo-sized prawns, one piece will do.

Make sure that the bacon is able to overlap once you wrap the shrimp(s). Stick in the toothpick so the bacon will not unwrap itself.


Step 3:
Deep fry for 3-5 minutes.

Step 4:
Remove it from the pan, remove the toothpick, and drain over table napkins to crisp up the bacon.

Serve with buttered vegetables; in my pics above, I used buttered string beans and carrot strips. Enjoy plain or with garlic-ranch sauce!





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