Bicol Express

This is my humble version of a Classic Filipino favorite.  It may not be an exact replica of famous recipes based off of this dish, but I wanted to do my version of it using ingredients that can be readily found at the closest supermarket, which should everyone should have no problems finding as well.

20150514_092758What you’ll need:
1/2 kg pork belly, chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
3 long chilis (pampaksiw)
2 thai chilis (labuyo)
3 tbsp fish paste (bagoong)
1 pack coconut milk



Step 1:

In a large kettle, sautee the garlic and onions over about 3 tbsp cooking oil.

Step 2:
Pour in the chopped pork belly and stir occasionally to prevent burning. Cover, wait 5 mins, stir. Repeat process for about 20 mins.

Step 3:
Add the fish paste and stir until all meat is covered in fish paste. Cover, wait 5 mins, stir. repeat for another 10 mins.

Step 4:20150810_131918
Pour in the coconut milk. Cover until it boils.

Step 5:
Chop and sprinkle the chilis. Stir. Cover and wait for another 5 mins

Step 6:
Add salt and pepper to adjust taste.

Best served with plain rice.





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