Garlic Buttered Shrimp

My wife and I always resorted to Dampa, Paranaque, Philippines when we wanted this savory dish.  But two factors always had to be considered: distance and cost.  I then had to find a way to enjoy this dish without the long travel, and costly price listed on the menu.

What you’ll need:

1 kg Medium Prawns
1 bulb garlic
1 stick butter
1 can Royal Tru Orange (or any orange soda)
1 calamansi (or lemon)


Step 1:
Put all of the prawns (or shrimp) into one bowl, pour in the orange soda and make sure every piece is submerged.

Step 2:
Chop the garlic into tiny pieces.

Step 3:
Melt the butter in a pan.  Sautee the garlic until golden brown.

Step 4:
Put in all the prawns including the soda where you marinated everything.

Step 5:
Once the prawns are cooked, remove them and place them into a container, leaving the soda to reduce with the garlic and butter.

Step 6:
Squeeze in the Calamansi Juice into the reduced sauce.  Mix well.  Sprinkle a bit of sugar for additional taste.

Step 7:

Arrange the prawns on a serving plate.  Put in the sauce on top of the prawns and serve.






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